In the bustling suburb of the City, as life swirls about in frenetic effort, we welcome you to lose yourself in a quiet heaven that is quite another world in itself. Aastha Twin City’s duplexes is an elegant and serenely majestic houses of 60 units exquisitely designed and laid out duplexes. Each duplex gives you as much natural light and ventilation as you could wish for and planned to enable you to use space in the most optimum manner possible.

A tranquil world of its own, securely insulated from the suburban flurry and yet within ready reach of all civic and social amenities. Appointed with myriad luxury lifestyle amenities to ensure you lead the sort of life you have always been used to. Only better! Read on to discover how a comforting sense of privacy, an assuring promise of efficiency and a leisurely aura of luxury combine to offer you a home like no other.

The elevation and streetscapes are tastefully designed. Careful attention has been paid to space planning and the duplexes are designed to have ample setback areas. And what makes it even better is that despite of built in lanes the duplex occupants will never feel the shortage to natural light and air flow.

With every duplex it gives us feeling of fulfilling the dream of a family who wish to have their own home in very affordable rate. Each duplex comes with 3 bedrooms, a lawn, a spacious drawing room, 3 bathroom, terrace, car parking and backyard.