Aastha Twin City Mall

Twin City Mall premises offer the highest level of pure shopping and entertainment experience with restaurants, cafes and Cinema Halls and not to forget its supermarket, making Twin City Mall ideal for all needs, demands and desires.

Needless to say that Twin City Mall provides carefully planned parking spaces designed according to international standards in addition to a premium Valet service.

Aastha Twin City Mall aerial view
Aastha Twin City Mall


Aastha twin city mall Retail Outlet
Aastha Twin City Mall
Retail Outlet

Designed to be a retail haven, Twin City Mall provides a pleasurable hub for visitors to take a stroll down the wide shopping lane in search of their needs and for the wellbeing and the comfort of the clients.

Aastha twin city mall Showrooms
Aastha Twin City Mall

With an extensive number of leading stores, clients will be offered the chance to attain their optimal choices. All stores are spread across a cheerful modern space with creatively designed interiors.

Aastha twin city mall Restaurant
Aastha Twin City Mall

Twin City Mall has been designed to become the iconic eating destination; Twin City Mall has restaurants and cafés in the comforts of time-honored classic cuisine and refreshments.

Aastha Twin City Mall Food Court
Aastha Twin City Mall
Food Court

Twin City Mall embraces a food court which is an architectural masterpiece, joining tasteful restaurants and regional chains.

Aastha Twin City Mall Wide Corridors
Aastha Twin City Mall
Wide Corridors

Twin City Mall offers uniqueness on every front. Twin City Mall’s circulation has been designed according to the latest studies that assure the best display available for all businesses.

Aastha Twin City Mall Parking
Aastha Twin City Mall

Ample parking spaces are spread including inside and outside parking and valet facilities are dedicated to ensure a high level of convenience.

Aastha Twin City Mall Elevators
Aastha Twin City Mall

From its high tech interactive exterior facade to its ultra modern interior every element has been carefully studied to offer a superior experience for anyone who enters Twin City Mall.

Aastha Twin City Mall Multiplex
Aastha Twin City Mall

Entertainment is a vital component of Twin City Mall. it is the key to turning a venue from a beautiful experience to a whooping destination where families and friends enjoy every minute.